Serving Your Wealth Planning Needs

Client-Centered Services GraphicClient-Centered Services

Having been a financial advisor since 1992, I feel the industry as a whole has been grouping clients into the same cookie-cutter models, treating investors as if they were a number.  My focus, however, is client centered.  Whether you prefer a transactional or fee-based account, my recommendations and strategies are driven by your needs, comfort level, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Throughout our relationship, my ultimate goal is to continually gain a better understanding of your unique investment needs and build a wealth management plan tailored to those needs.  I will also address insurance and long-term care, tax planning, estate planning issues, retirement planning vehicles, and more.   




Stifel does not provide legal or tax advice.  We encourage you to discuss your particular situation with your legal and tax advisors.



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Meeting With You

The frequency of our reviews and updates is driven by you and your circumstances.  Some of my clients want to have a meeting once per year, while others want a much greater level of contact.  Either way, we can adapt to your schedule.   

I do recommend coming in for annual review meetings.  These consist of an overview of your financial situation and station in life, what investments are working for you (and which ones are not), and a strategic outlook going forward based on current information.